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March 11, 2024

Note: Domain and Token are case sensitive ⚠️
  1. Start the Setup Process:

    • Log into Local Dominator, click on the gear icon and go to my account and navigate to the white label tab.
      Enter the domain name you would like to use for your white label URL. For example, if you want to use a subdomain, you might enter something like “reports.myagency.com” as your choice.
  2. Save the Subdomain:

    • After entering your desired subdomain, click the “Save” button. This action will generate a unique token, which is essential for the next steps.
  3. Access Your DNS Settings:

    • Go to the DNS settings of your domain. This area is usually found in the control panel provided by your hosting service (e.g., GoDaddy, SiteGround, Bluehost).
  4. Add a CNAME Record:

    • Within your DNS settings, add a new CNAME record. The specific steps may vary depending on your hosting provider, but the general process involves selecting to add a new CNAME record and then inputting the details required.
  5. Enter Subdomain and Token:

    • For the CNAME record, enter the subdomain ( “reports.myagency.com” ) you chose in step 1 as the “Name” or “Host” field.
    • For the “Value” or “Points to” field, enter the unique token provided when you saved your subdomain.
  6. Save the CNAME Record:

    • Once you have entered the necessary information for the CNAME record, save the changes. Your hosting provider may have a “Create” or “Save” button for this purpose.
  7. Wait for Verification:

    • DNS changes can take some time to propagate across the internet. Typically, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. You can periodically check the status of the verification by returning to the setup screen where you began the process.
  8. Check for Verification:

    • Once DNS propagation is complete, the status should change to “verified,” indicating that your URLs will now use your custom subdomain.
  9. Sharing with Custom URL:

    • With verification complete, you can now share links that utilize your custom URL. This can be tested by sharing a link and confirming that it displays your custom domain.
  10. Removing or Changing the Custom URL:

    • If you wish to remove or change the custom URL in the future, you can do so by accessing the white label settings in your account. From there, you can remove the current setup and start the process over with a new domain or subdomain, following the same steps as above.

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Eldar Cohen

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Eldar Cohen

Eldar is the founder of Local Dominator and CEO of LocalWiz Marketing. Eldar trains and mentors entrepreneurs, marketing teams, and agency owners to help them identify their unique selling proposition to achieve scalable growth on both personal and business fronts. 

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