Quick Help

To get your way around the platform please watch this video as it will help you to understand how things are working 

The best way is simply to paste the CID link 
Use this chrome extension to find the CID link 
Watch this to learn more 

Well, it’s super easy if you wanna search for multiple keywords; simply just add ” , ” between keywords. 
Watch 👇

The reoccurring scans will allow you to scan your listing automatically check out how it works here 👇

This is a really cool way to share your progress with your clients  👇

This allows users to customize their domain names, making the links appear as part of their own branded site rather than the service provider’s domain.
Note: Domain, and Token are case sensitive


We have centralized the time zone settings for each account. This means every account will have its own designated time zone, aiding teams spread across different time zones. Be sure to configure this in your account settings. 👇 https://www.loom.com/share/86d57d82121845889ca2f8ab21200eda?sid=de9d0fc1-242e-4419-8aaf-48cb59f2e6c2

This is a very powerful tool that provides insights into your competitors and prospects. It can help you better understand your competition, report on your progress, and show your prospects who is ranking above them so you can pitch your services.👇


First step is to click on the gear icon > white label
Now you can share images and links with your own logo and your company’s info 

If you want to take it a step further, you can add your dynamic share URL into your SaaS or even create add it to your domain 👇

You can easily integrate your dynamic share links into go high-level dashboard by simply adding navigation links watch this quick video for step-by-step instructions.

In some cases you would like to pause the scan from running but keep the data, there is a simple way to do so by turning off the keywords.


The label system will allow you to label in segment multiple recurring skins for easy access and better filtering


It’s very easy to integrate Local Dominator’s dynamic share URL with Google Looker Studio to enhance your client reporting.

Watch this quick video to learn how to do it.


One credit is equal to one scan point.

If you choose to scan an area that is 10×10, this scan will use 100 scan points and 100 credits.

Pro Tip: Circle scans are more cost-effective than Square scans because they use fewer scan points. This is because a circle has a smaller perimeter than a rectangle of the same area. Additionally, circle scans cover a wider radius, so they can capture more data. As a result, circle scans typically use fewer credits than Square scans.


We strive to provide prompt responses based on the time you reach out. Our response time can range from 10 minutes to 7 hours, seven days a week.